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Square Footage is inspired by the belief that good design elevates the human spirit. The design process involves a consideration of diverse elements, including special characteristics of the site as well as the evocative language of form, space, light and texture. No specific ‘style’ or ‘look’ is attributed to our firm, rather we create a custom project for each client and we are very involved in the research prior to the beginning the actual design process.

Design excellence and effective problem solving require patience, diligence, attention to detail and close involvement of our firm with all aspects of the project from inception to completion.

Working closely with our clients, we strive to design and build structures which are pleasing and functional for owners and users, respectful of context and surroundings, and which serve the client with purpose and distinction.

We also perceive ourselves to be problem solvers first, sensitive to our clients’ functional requirements as well as time and budgetary constraints.

Our commitment is to create public and private spaces that go beyond the ordinary and to enrich the experience of their users and fundamentally transform the home or workplace.

Professional recommendations available upon request.